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Unlocking the new future of success, crafted with Dream of Sports!

Personal and career growth drives us forward in a world of boundless possibilities. Enter the Dream of Sports platform, where your opportunities soar. Why, you ask?

Dream of Sports is designed to bridge the gap between aspiring athletes seeking to achieve their dreams and excel in their sports careers and organizations, managers, coaches, and agents on the lookout for the ext top talent to bolster their sports teams.

Our platform empowers athletes to showcase their sporting prowess effortlessly by uploading their achievements, videos, and photos and creating comprehensive professional sports profiles. This wealth of nformation is readily available for companies, clubs, individual coaches, agents, and more to assess and evaluate, all in one convenient location.

Our goal is to do good in society

Dream of Sports eliminates any barriers that may have hindered athletes from gaining the recognition they deserve. In a world without this platform, many talented sports individuals might have remained ndiscovered. Now, we usher in a new era of transparency in sports, ensuring that every deserving athlete has a chance to shine and be recognized.

Our commitment: We're here to add value and make a difference

Unlocking recognition and opportunities in a crowded field can be tough. That's why we created Dream of Sports. Our platform is as simple as top job search sites – create a standout profile, choose your ategory, nd you're visible to a vast sports network, including clubs, managers, agents, scouts, etc. We're here to help you shine.

Apply, register, and build your profile. Sports organizations and individuals find you, offering potential collaborations, contracts, and a chance to become the next world-famous athlete. Hence, we create value y connecting individuals and organizations in the sports ecosystem.

Meet our team of visionaries

We are seasoned professionals committed to propelling your growth and fostering collaboration to actualize your aspirations. Join us, and together, let's turn your dreams into reality.

Rahim Rahimov
Rahim Rahimov
Chief Operating Officer
Artem Rahozin
Artem Rahozin
Founder and CEO@MBA degree from Kalaidos University of Applied@Sciences Switzerland
Diana Zavorotnia
Diana Zavorotnia
Vice President

Our Track Record

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